Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas is here

It's finally the week where Christmas happens - my family are really quite excited and I hope you are too. SUB wishes you all a very merry Christmas filled with fun. Here's a poem to mark the big day...

Dreams of the Morrow
by Shawn D Standfast

Tinsel bright by starlight mingle
Baubles twinkle with festive memories
As lights are dimmed and candles lit
Shadows flicker in holiday cheer

Footsteps crunch on fresh snow fallen
Downy flakes dance on misty moonbeams
Then back inside for warmth of fire
And to bed to dream of the morrow

As a snowy dawn gently breaks
Church bells echo in the stillness
Carols and songs fill excited air
Then Presents opened and cherished

Customs old and new begin the day
Late risers and arrivals just in time
For roast turkey, deserts and drink
All feed fully and drink most freely

On this late midwinter day
…this day of togetherness
…this day of good cheer
On this day of Christmas

Happy Christmas to one and all!

Posted here with permission - feel free to wander over to Shawn's site and twitter @BooksR4Life

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