Find out about SUB

What is it?

Sub is a regular gathering of those with an affinity to alternative subcultures, for the purpose of exploring Christian spirituality and faith. Experience is vital and experience defines us; we aim to allow the freedom to explore new ways in which to wonder at God; we are a dynamic group exploring the journey together; we are not the finished article, but are sincere in our search.

Who are we?

We are members of alternative subcultures (goth, metal, industrial, punk, etc) who want to explore our spirituality and faith without rejecting what we've found to be of value in our subcultures. We perceive the world from a broadly Christian perspective, but that doesn't mean we're intolerant or judgemental. We welcome everyone, regardless of race, gender, faith, sexuality, etc (except Rick Astley and those who worship him).

What aren't we?

We're not a church, a recruiting ground for a church or a conversion mission. We're not a cult, sect or satanic coven. We're not a debating chamber, Christian worship group or social club (although there may be elements of these). We're not a mathematical sign or any part of consciousness. Probably didn't need that last bit.

What do we do?

We're still working this out, but a mixture of: community, discussion and spiritual expression (worship or whatever you call it). Activities may include taking part in Zombie Aid, with a discussion on Fear afterwards; a picnic at dusk at Bolton Abbey; a spiritual exploration of Death and Life in a church crypt; dancing like a lunatic at a club; breaking bread, eating chocolate and so on. Suggestions are welcome!

What do we believe?

We come from a Christian tradition (although not all of us would describe ourselves as Christian) and seek to explore from that basis. We believe that God is already in the world and working in the world. We recognise God's indefinable presence in music, film, arts and other key areas of contemporary culture. We wish to affirm and enjoy the parts of our subcultures that give a voice to God and challenge any areas that deafen the call of God.

What do you have to believe to come along?

Nothing. We welcome people from other faiths, traditions and none, knowing that dialogue inspires change and reveals truth in all areas.

What should I wear?

Clothes. Preferably. Black is not a pre-requisite.

Are there any rules?

Diversity and tolerance. Everyone is welcomed regardless of race, gender, faith, sexuality, etc. Everyone must respect each other and the venue. We may ask difficult questions of ourselves and others, but it's ok to disagree and it's ok to be different. However, if people don't show respect or are perpetually disruptive they may be asked to leave.

Who runs it?

We do - collectively, so we don't have a specific leader. However, we want to be accountable to make sure things don't get out of hand, which for us is to Sanctus1 (a local emerging church, sponsored by the Anglicans and Methodists). Matt tends to co-ordinate and do clever things with computers. What a lovely chap.

Why Sub?

Because we haven't thought of a better name to do with "Sub" culture. Alternative suggestions welcome, please.

Your honeyed words have won me over. How do I find out more?

Email me or just come along to the next event.