Monday, 1 December 2014

'Tis the season

December 1st already - where did the year go? My family home has now gone festive: the tree is up, the advent calendar started, who is visiting whom and when is organised, pantomimes are booked. A 6 year old helps you focus!

I currently have several piles of things to read, from newspaper articles to books and graphic novels. I also have plenty of games to play, on my phone, the Playstations and table top games too. I'd really like to spend December reading by the fire, a la Nightmare Before Christmas, and playing games with friends.

A personal success of the planning has been finding a way to squeeze in a trip to the British Library for its Terror and Wonder exhibition - yay! My niece is studying Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as part of her 6th Form English Studies, so I think this will be a superb visit for us both.

Strangely, this year doesn't have much in the way of spiritually-centric activities for me. Other than personal thoughts on the season and some themed Sunday morning church services, it will be fairly quiet faith-wise. My church is spending this advent examining the theme of waiting, so this feels kind of appropriate. Spiritually, this year has brought significant changes for me and some of my close friends. I feel next year holds more of the same. What exactly? Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see...

I hope you manage to find space to enjoy the festive season, take a moment (or several) to remember the spiritual centre of the celebration, find calm within the storm to spend time with friends and family, and carve out some space to read or listen to a good ghost story :)

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