Sub Kulture
Our Twitter channel

Sub Kulture
The YouTube channel set up to host SUB videos

SUB Story: Life Begins
A tumblr account set up to keep track of our Greenbelt 2013 twitter story, pulling out the important story points from the fluffy twitter banter

Full Moon Paintings
In our Greenbelt 2013 story, Zombie has set up a site to sell Werewolf's paintings...look, admire, buy if you can

Sacred Trinity
This Anglican church has hosted several meetings of Sub and has provided a home for the local alternative community for many years

A monthly club night for goths, punks, metalheads, cybers and other alternative types. It is run in Sacred Trinity, was set up by Christians and continues to be run by a Christian. Celebrated its 10th birthday in February 2013

An emerging church in Manchester. Matt is on the leadership of Sanctus1 and Sub has a level of accountability to Sanctus1 as a result

The festival that SUB has held services at for the past few years, sharing a different way of worshipping - through a heavy soundtrack, intense visuals and story telling

Goth Eucharist
An annual service held at Greenbelt, bringing Christian goths together from all over the country, with live worship from nChant.

Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere

The Glorious Undead
Christian Goth/Metal community in London

Christian Goth/Metal community in London

The Order of the Black Sheep
Christian community in Derby born of Heavy Metal