Monday, 8 December 2014

Gothic Christmas Party Music

This week it's my work Christmas party. As a first, we have been asked if we want the DJ to play any particular Christmas song for us to dance to during the evening. This is a nice touch, although I feel it will inevitably result in the same old shopping mall songs being churned out again.

However, it set me to thinking about gothic Christmas music. There's not much of it and most of what there is is not of a tempo or level of familiarity suitable for a work party (no surprise there), so I haven't requested any particular version of the Coventry Carol to dance along to. However, if you want something other than Within Temptation's Gothic Christmas track to listen to this year, here's a few treats I've found.

Terrorizer reviewed some compilation albums from Projekt Records and Black Rain. Going back as far as 1995, these may be a bit tricky to hunt down now, but you can probably find examples of the individual tracks on your favourite video content provider. There are actually quite a few good tracks here, so I recommend hunting them down.

In addition to those, I would also commend to you the Tori Amos Christmas album, Midwinter Graces and the Jill Tracy album Silver Smoke, Star of Night. Both reinterpret classic carols in wonderful and graceful ways. Hunker down in front of your Christmas tree resplendent with black decorations, take a sip from your red wine, close your eyes and let these sirens take you off into a wintry wonderland.

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