Sunday, 26 May 2013

Twitter growing

Our twitter feed @sub_kulture is gathering followers as we get ready to launch the story between @sub_vampire, @sub_zombie & @sub_werewolf in the run up to Greenbelt. We hope this story will be relevant not just to Christians, but to a wide variety of people for many different reasons. Please spread the word and support us by following the accounts and engaging with the story as it unfolds.

This year Sub will be holding a service as part of the worship section of the Greenbelt programme. We try to find ways of worshipping that have special meaning for those with a sub-culture background, but this doesn't mean everyone else is excluded. This year we are also supporting Greenbelt's desire to push the boundaries of social media by extending our service content well outside the bounds of its festival slot.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Moving home

Today Sub has moved home to Blogger. Hopefully this will be easy to read, use and maintain. Please feel free to comment on blogposts or email me with ideas or suggestions.