Tuesday, 20 August 2013

SUB Story Week 9

This is the epic conclusion, the final week of #substory. For a round up of the week pop on over to our tumblr site, which uses the power of Storify to share tweets without needing twitter. Here's an even shorter summary of what happened this week (August 15 - 20):
  1. Vampire sells Werewolf's house to gain some money after gambling losses
  2. Zombie's tree becomes home, but then she gets a note saying it will be bulldozed to make way for a new branch of Primark
  3. Werewolf gets arrested by fake police officers, but escapes to Vampires house
  4. Zombie works out that the graffiti is co-ordinates of all the times they've felt they encountered Thingy...all except one that they haven't been to yet
  5. The trio reconcile for the last big push and move in on the last co-ordinates. They find You Know Who ... dead :(
  6. A funeral will be held during Greenbelt, in the Aspire venue on Saturday at 9pm
Wow, what a story. I don't know about you, but I got quite attached to our monsters and their foibles, getting frustrated at how they beat each other up with words sometimes, but happy when they made up again. Let's hope this isn't the end for them.

Will their reconciliation be temporary? Can they fight their natures to overcome long-held bad character traits? Their leader is dead - what on earth will they do next? Are they finally released from You Know Who's hold over them? How did Thingy die? Were the co-ordinates written by You Know Who (if so, before or after death)? Were the co-ordinates written by You Know Who's killer? Where will they go now that they are effectively homeless?

Please share the story with others and let us know what you think about the story in the comments below.

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