Saturday, 17 August 2013

SUB Story Week 8

Last week the monsters were largely apart from one another in #substory. For a round up of the week pop on over to our tumblr site, which uses the power of Storify to share tweets without needing twitter. Here's an even shorter summary of what happened this week (August 8 - 14):
  1. You Know Who is leaving lots of signs, but Zombie and Vampire are getting scared by them (even though they actually want to find Thingy)
  2. Werewolf is running wild, gatecrashing parties, getting into fights and gatecrashing jobs
  3. Vampire tries to recoup financial losses with some business ventures - first a blood stall and then online gambling
  4. Vampire's businesses don't do well so she resorts to trying a casino and ends up losing everything
  5. Zombie doesn't want to get trapped with Thingy, so tears down her fortress and relocates to a tree, which she starts to add mod-cons to and make a new home with the squirrels
Do the monsters want to find You Know Who or not? They desire to find their mythical leader, but when presented with signs of presence, they shy away. Are they any better for not being with each other? Why is Vampire suddenly so bad at business? Zombie has hidden skills, can she use them for the good of the group?

Please share the story with others and let us know what you think about the story so far in the comments below.

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