Wednesday, 14 August 2013

SUB Story week 7

Last week our monsters got scared, in #substory. For a round up of the week pop on over to our tumblr site, which uses the power of Storify to share tweets without needing twitter. Here's an even shorter summary of what happened this week (August 1 - 7):
  1. The monsters dream, some good, some bad. Zombie's turned into a vision of Thingy.
  2. Vampire wakes from her dream and see's You Know Who. Werewolf doesn't believe either of them.
  3. Werewolf's website is mysteriously updated with I AM HERE repeated all over it.
  4. Zombie is scared and keeps saying "i am here"
  5. In a shock move, Vampire moves in with Werewolf saying she can't return home, but she also can't say why not.
Is this another joke by Arowane, the vengeful merman? Or is someone, or something, trying to get through to the monsters? Can our characters pull themselves together to find You Know Who? Why doesn't Werewolf believe anyone? And what on earth has happened to Vampire's home?

Please share the story with others and let us know what you think about the story so far in the comments below.

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