Tuesday, 16 July 2013

SUB Story Week 3: Damien Hirst eat your heart out

Further monster madness this week in our #substory - the mysterious You Know Who is causing a rift without even being with our fiends.

For a round up of the week pop on over to our tumblr site, which uses the power of Storify to share tweets without needing twitter. Here's an even shorter summary of what happened this week (July 4 - 10):
  1. We find out Vampire spent all of Werewolf's art earning on buying blood.
  2. Vampire promptly takes herself off to negotiate a deal for profit, but Wolfie is far from happy.
  3. Werewolf is tired of the arguing and puts it down to You Know Who having left.
  4. Wolfie sets out an ultimatum: find You Know Who in 2 weeks or he & Zombie are off.
  5. Zombie is feeling left out and put upon again, so distracts herself with squirrels.
Will Vampire try to restore her relationship with Werewolf? Can she buy her way back in to his heart through her cunning business acumen? Will they find You Know Who or will we lose Werewolf & Zombie forever? And what is Zombie going to do with all those squirrels?

Please share the story with others and let us know what you think about the story so far in the comments below.

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