Saturday, 6 July 2013

SUB Story Week 2: Purple Brain, Purple Brain

The twittersodes are taking us on a twisty journey with our characters, tagged #substory. We hope you are enjoying the story, but also seeing some themes and plots starting to emerge.

For a round up of the week pop on over to our tumblr site, which uses the power of Storify to share tweets without needing twitter. Here's an even shorter summary of what happened this week (June 27-July 3):
  1. Vampire tries to get the group to prepare for Greenbelt with a session at the Frank & Stein pub, but over-planning raises tensions that leave Vampire holding the drinks.
  2. Zombie isn't as dumb as people thinks she is - her art site for Werewolf is a hit.
  3. The profits Werewolf is making are being fought over by Zombie (who thinks they should invest in Lego) and Vampire (who thinks Zombie's ideas can't possibly work).
  4. Zombie has a date with a merman (who Vampire still thinks isn't real) and it doesn't go very well.
  5. With romance in the air, Werewolf gets a bit horny and Vampire turns to her native French, the language of love, to express her softer side. But still insists career comes before relationship.
What will happens with Werewolf's profits? Is Zombie better at business than Vampire? Can Zombie fall in love? Can Werewolf look for more than lust? Can Vampire be satisfied by business alone?

Please share the story with others and let us know what you think about the story so far in the comments below.

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