Monday, 24 March 2014

Encountering Corpses (Part 4)

'Calamita Cosmica' by Gino de Dominicis
This oversized sculpture won't be at Sacred Trinity, but Heavenly Bodies will have other skeletons and corpses that will surprise in different ways.
Over the last few weeks I've been giving you some light background into the featured artists taking part in the Encountering Corpses exhibition. However, Paul and Sue are not the only artists taking part. Around a dozen local artists have also been asked to submit works. They have been tasked with responding to the work of Paul and Sue and the themes of this Humanities in Public strand. This is an open book as far as how the artists will interpret the brief and I think there will be really interesting results. It will be intriguing to see how each artist traces a link back to the featured work.

You will be in for a treat, as not only do these artists come from a wide variety of personal backgrounds and levels of creative experience, they bring a wide variety of artistic output, from poetry and photography to painting and more besides. This 'Corpse Collective' (an informal name given to the group) includes a number of artists from SUB and also from ARA. Come along and lend your support for Kolyn, Yvonne and Matt (that's me!) from SUB as well as Maz, Laura and TJ from ARA. There's a preview night on Thursday March 27th, so I'll report back next week on what wonders were beheld.

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