Monday, 3 March 2014

Encountering Corpses (Part 1)

Manchester Metropolitan University has a program called HiP, Humanities in Public, through which they host a series of events for the public, allowing them to get a taste of academia and further areas of personal interest. These are proving really popular and are taking us on some really interesting topics, particularly for those in sub cultures. For example, in January they ran Day of the Droogs (related to the Anthony Burgess classic book A Clockwork Orange, later committed to film by Stanley Kubrick) and in February there was Women in Philosophy.

March brings a few more themes, one of which is Encountering Corpses. This series of events will include a day of speakers examining topics such a burial, commemoration and ritual, curation and tourism (e.g. the dead in museums) and art, aesthetics and ethics. Looking at modern attitudes to the dead, this should prove to be a very interesting day. There will also be walking tours of Manchester's Southern Cemetary.

Lastly, there will be an art exhibition (entitled Heavenly Bodies) housed in SUB's home, Sacred Trinity, for a fortnight from the end of March (March 28 to April 10). Although not related to SUB directly, there will be a few SUB members exhibiting new works as part of this exhibition. I will tell you more about it next week...

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