Monday, 17 March 2014

Encountering Corpses (Part 3)

The Heavenly Bodies exhibition at Sacred Trinity (March 28 to April 10) also features the work of Sue Fox, lecturer of Film and Media Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University. Having photographed corpses for her book Post Mortem, Sue's work could be said to be both shocking and touching. It will be interesting for each viewer to experience it close at hand. Separated from the subject by time and space, the viewer will still be transported to the mortuary slab to confront their own mortality.

When I had the chance to hold Sue's book in my hand, I was surprised at my own reaction. This was not even close to feelings of horror, but more an unprompted soul-searching tenderness. I highly recommend to make time to visit the exhibition and see the work up close on the walls. Looking at a picture on a computer screen does not do it justice. See you there!

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