Monday, 19 May 2014

World Goth Day

These days, there's a day for everything. Well, almost. There's an International Day of Heavy Metal (December 12th), but of greater relevance right now is a World Goth Day! On May 22nd every year, Goths the world over will celebrate their gothishness and be even more goth if they can manage it. gives you the very short history and encourages everyone to be a little more goth this Thursday. To wear a little bit more black. To listen to (and request radio stations to play) some good 'ol classics from the likes of Bauhaus and Siouxsie. I'll be wearing my skull cufflinks as a nod to the corp-goth look and using my Ozzy Osbourne wobbly-head pen (not goth, but close enough!).

Here in Manchester you can pop along to ARA on Friday for a slightly belated celebration, where you are free to properly get your goth on. Splash out with some outrageously beautiful and wild attire. Two-step to the beat in a 17th century church, amidst a swirl of fog and pulsing club lights.

Tell us in the comments what you'll be doing for World Goth Day.

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