Monday, 12 May 2014

Casual insults

Just a quick post this week. I was in the pub last night having dinner and on my way out a young guy walked in to ask for directions. He was dressed like a modern goth (a little like the image above, although in a red top, with a black over-the-shoulder bag and a pork pie hat). It was an ensemble that worked very well for him and he'd obviously spent time putting it together. The woman at the bar next to him immediately commented "Look, Michael Jackson just walked in" and started laughing.

To his credit the guy took it in his stride, ignored the comment (as most goths do in these situations), got his directions and left. Although I could understand the visual link (see image below), I was surprised that someone could so blatantly insult another person - for all his problems I think Jacko was an extremely talented person and pulled some interesting fashions out of the bag, but in this situation the woman was not giving a compliment. It was such a rude thing to do. For a lot of goths, this is just part of the territory and we get used to it. But we shouldn't have to.

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