Monday, 27 January 2014

Like blood from The Beloved

by Claire McDermott

Blood. The remarkable fluid that flows inside every living creature. This viscous fluid that heals and protects, sustains and drives each and every one of us. How often do you think about the billions of blood cells moving around inside your body right now and at every moment of your life?

Does the thought of a bleeding wound make you dizzy?

Do you relish the thought of eating a bloody steak?

Have you considered the danger that blood presents at spreading disease?

Can your blood type reveal more about you as a person?

Do you feel the need to say the word 'blood' like Bela Lugosi?

At SUB on 1st February we will spent time reflecting on this multi-faceted miracle of nature, considering the extent of power and horror that blood can inspire. This will be an informal gathering, but be prepared for some serious engagement. There will be blood!

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