Monday, 30 December 2013

Sons of Anarchy and The Son of God (part 2)

by Yvonne M Carson

Last week I explained what I like about SOA. This week I draw parallels between its characters and characters from another story.

DISCLAIMER - the following is merely my personal pondering and is by no means intended to cause offence to anyone. Neither is it the basis for any kind of theology!

SPOILER ALERT - you may want to skip the sections on Opie and Clay to avoid some plot reveals

Jackson Teller / Jesus
Often known by his initials 'JT', Jax reminds me of 'JC'. He is also a stepson who is very close to his mother. Jax is just a loving son trying to do right by his dad (also not seen). He is a man who works with his hands (a mechanic). JT has a vision and is on a mission. He sometimes has a beard.

Gemma Teller Morrow / Mary
JT's 'mom' is married to Clay Morrow, who is not the father of her son, but from whom her son learned his 'earthly' trade. Gemma is hugely influential in her circles and is almost revered by her many followers. She has known the loss of a son. She does not have a beard.

Harry 'Opie' Winston / John the Baptist
Opie and Jax grew up together, like brothers. Opie's dad, Piney, and Jax's dad, John, were very close (like Elizabeth and Mary). Opie always had Jax's back and was willing to die for him too. He has an awesome beard!

Alexander 'Tig' Trager / Simon Peter
Tig is a 'go-to' guy, ready to do anything - but he often gets it wrong, being led by his emotions, and is very prone to violence. Simon Peter cut off a servant's ear in John 18 v 10… exactly the kind of thing I could see Tig doing. He has a short beard.

Filip 'Chibs' Telford / Matthew
Like Matthew (aka Levi, a Jewish tax collector working for Rome), Chibs was thought to have betrayed his country by serving in the British Army whilst also being involved in pro-IRA activities. Both are fiercely loyal to their leaders. He has a medium beard.

Robert 'Bobby Elvis' Munson / Andrew
Elvis is very manly ('Andrew' means 'manly'). He is also a treasurer and club secretary, good at dishing out resources like Andrew giving out loaves and fishes. Bobby is Jewish. He has a full beard.

Clarence 'Clay' Morrow / Judas Iscariot
Need I say more? He has a beard.

Did I mention I like beards as well as tattoos (see part 1 last week)?

So, may be you've gained great spiritual insight from this reading. May be you've just enjoyed it and laughed a bit. May be you've just indulged me. I just know that without the grace of God, I'd probably have been some Prospect's old lady by now!

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