Monday, 23 December 2013

Sons of Anarchy and The Son of God (part 1)

by Yvonne M Carson

I love a good story and, for me, the more removed from my real life the better. So of course, I just love Sons of Anarchy (or SOA), an American TV drama all about the shenanigans of a Motorcycle Club (or MC).

There are other reasons to like SOA:

1. Charlie Hunnam, who plays lead character Jackson Teller (aka Jax / JT), is not only 'phwoar' in the looks department (frequently displaying a full back tattoo), but is also a Geordie lad (ex of UK children's drama Byker Grove) and a pretty fine actor too!

2. A lot of the male characters have bulging biceps, pert pectorals and plenty of cool tattoos on display. Some even have amazing beards (if you like that sort of thing).

3. The female characters usually have plenty of poultry parts (breasts, legs and thighs!) to show off and they have their own fair share of tattoos to boot.

I like tattoos! Did I mention that?

Of course, there is liberal use of vernacular vocabulary (they swear - A LOT); characters frequently get intimate (they have sex - A LOT); most characters are involved in some sort of illegal activity (they commit crimes - A LOT); plenty of folks get injured or die violently (there is A LOT of violence); and generally, this isn't the kind of show you would expect a good Christian gal to write about.

So why am I? Because beneath the surface 'sleaze', the story has what intrigues me the most: ordinary folk facing the human condition; their desire to 'do right' conflicting with their desire to 'do the right thing for now'; their search for love and meaning…their search for God?

It seems to me that the MC, like any unit or institution (or family or church), has its fair share of complex characters. So I've drawn some parallels between those in SOA and some others I've come across…

Come back next week to read what I've found.

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